Bathroom Basin Bowls in Melbourne

Choosing the right bathroom basin bowl enhances the look and feel of your bathroom space! Give a classic bathroom a modern twist by upgrading your bathroom basin bowl and accessories. Alternatively, you can choose a classic basin and then upgrade or change your bathroom design whenever you like, without having to change the basin bowl every time. By changing the accessories, you can get a fresh new look and feel while the classic basin remains in its place, offering long-lasting usage. So how to select the right bathroom basin?

Basin bowls come in a huge array of design choices including vanity bowls, counter basins and an under-mount style to gel with the newly installed stone counter, as well as, modern designs to inspire and uplift any room. A semi-recessed look can work well and integrate seamlessly with a vanity cabinet, stand-alone pedestal or even a wall-mounted unit.

Konnect Kitchen Store continually searches for suppliers and manufacturers to grab a range of the latest basin bowl designs in innovative materials and have access to great pricing. We believe that a basin bowl should be a functional piece of your bathroom, and the quality and functionality of the basin is just as important, as the design and convenience.

Konnect Kitchen Store offers a huge selection of vanity, glass and bathroom basin bowls, which you can browse online at our partner’s website — or drop by our Melbourne showroom. If you have any questions on what type of bathroom basin will work best for you, right away contact one of our experts who can help you choose the right bathroom basin bowl for your design-layout, requirements and budget.

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